•  Rafting or kayaking will offer you something that you won't get in any other kind of vacation. Discover astonishing sights from a unique perspective. Feel the adrenalin in your veins while you make your way through the side arms of the river and through different obstacles which only a river like Zrmanja can create, or enjoy the perfect sounds of the river on your rafting route.The moment you begin your rafting adventure, you will recognize that you have escaped at least for one moment from the civilization. And, besides, you will be absolutely carefree about your friends or family. Rafting is suitable for people of different abilities and attitudes. Couples, families, and friends - all of them can offer themselves a unique experience and an adventure.

•  Divingthe vicinity of the national park Kornati guarantees an unforgettable experience for the divers. The flora and fauna of the Kornati islands is incomparable. We recommend you to check whether we are right. In addition, if you have a diver's approval, nobody can forbid you to go diving by yourself and inquire the area around Vinjerac which is rich in interesting species of fish and mussels...

•  Climbing and cycling the national park Paklenica is the most significant Croatian climbing centre, famous also outside of Croatia , for its order and for the quality of its routes, and it belongs to the best climbing centres of Europe . The vicinity of the seaside gives this area a special charm, and thus the Paklenica Riviera is an ideal place for climbing. There are more than 400 equipped and settled directions of different degree of difficulty and length on the climbing routes, so that every mountaineer can find something for his pleasure. The main climbing season in Paklenica begins in spring and lasts to late autumn.

•  Sailing If you are more an adventurous type, sailing is the right choice for you! Vinjerac is protected from the wind by a mole, but no matter which wind, "Maestral", "Jugo" or "Bora" may blow; the waves as well as the wind are never too strong for sailing. If you belong to the more courageous ones, you can sail out on the open sea and afford yourselves an adventure with bigger waves and stronger wind .